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Jemima Foxtrot: Above The Mealy-Mouthed Sea

Date: October 7, 2017

Time: 3pm

Tickets: £10/£8/£3 (18 & under) tickets on door

Poet/Spoken Word Artist Jemima Foxtrot’s new show follows her stunning debut Edinburgh Fringe show Melody which she performed to a spell-bound audience at Wainsgate in 2015.

June 2017
Jemima is   currently developing this new show Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea, supported by Arts Council England. Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea is an Unholy Mess Production in association with Clapham Omnibus.

Above the Mealy-Mouthed Sea is co-written and directed by Lucy Allan, with movement direction by Tara D’Arquian, it is currently in development at The Clapham Omnibus.