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The Retrosettes

Date: April 29, 2018

Time: 3-5pm

Tickets: £10/£8/£3 (under 18)


Helen Bytheway: Keyboards, Vocals
Paul Bytheway: Guitar, Vocals

Influenced heavily by contemporary folk, 50s rock n roll and especially pop and soul music from the 60s, Manchester-based quintet The Retrosettes are the quintessential “big in Europe” band – for example touring Germany with Simply Red and playing to huge crowds there. They went back on tour around Europe in March 2017 and released their debut album ‘1, 2, Yes, Go!’ which was album of the week on several major radio stations in Germany.  

For their Wainsgate gig, lead singers Paul and Helen Bytheway will appear as an acoustic duo performing intimate versions of their album tracks, some quirky covers and some exclusive new songs never performed by the full band. Their laid-back, feel-good vibes and their individual style captures and entrances their audiences, especially in live concerts.

The Retrosettes inject contemporary music with a retro flavour and revive the past within a modern landscape. Their music has been described as combining modernity and vintage in a cool, elegant mix of sounds from 1960s Pop, Northern Soul and Disco. It seamlessly echoes the era of The Beatles but nonetheless blends perfectly into the present day.