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Saturday 10 March  10:00-18:00 Wainsgate Chapel, Hebden Bridge
Cost: £25
When we are inspired by moving and dancing, we might look for deepening clarity in that pursuit, as a vocation, profession or calling:

How do we use the inner compass to identify what we find truly satisfying in dance without it holding us back from life itself? This workshop aims to navigate towards the livelihood we truly want through physical exercises, discussion and reflection.

Friday 13th and Saturday 14th April at Wainsgate Chapel, Hebden Bridge
Cost: £60

This is a brilliant opportunity to work with Karen Nelson from the USA. She has been involved in the development of contact improvisation and numerous movement improvisation practices since 1976… more details will follow on the workshop, but don’t miss this rare chance to work with this inspirational teacher.

2nd-4th July Cost £90
To book and for more information, please contact Rob Hopper at robdothopper@aol.co.uk
A great chance to work with Kirstie Simson – a dance maker who the New York Times called  “a force of nature”.

Martin and Kirstie met through their common interest and passion for dance improvisation and the exploration of freedom. They have taught and performed together in Buenos Aires and South America in 2015 and 2017.