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Photographs of Wainsgate

Here are some photos from the 2015 Heritage Open Day which attracted lots of visitors to Wainsgate:

On Sunday 26th July, Wadsworth Environment Group gave the burial ground at Wainsgate a thorough tidy up. Big thanks to them – and here are some pics:

Photos, by local photographer Bev Manders, of Irish duo Zrazy performing at Wainsgate on 31st May 2015. You may spot Dave Nelson too – Zrazy is his sister Carole Nelson, along with Maria Walsh.

Irish duo Zrazy, performing to a packed house on 31st May (Photo: Meg Wild)


All dressed up for a wedding (click on the image to see larger version)

P1010321 P1010310

Wainsgate Apiary – our beekeepers


Here are some wonderful photographs of Wainsgate in the snow, taken by Jessie Levene and click here to read the latest news.

The photographs below were taken in 2008.