billy – performance by Connor Scott and friends


‘billy’ is a fictitious character and performance score embodying the solitary spaces experienced and felt whilst in a state of limbo. Occupied by filling their time, billy is the personification of being left to your own devices for too long. The performers embody their own interpretations of an extended wait or anticipation of something that may never arrive, in a series of improvised and set dances that are simply born out of filling time.


‘billy’ is a practice into performance curated and directed by Connor Scott and is presented as a sharing of research from their residency at Wainsgate Dances. The residency is dedicated to ‘practicing practice’ looking at choreographic and dance practices through the investigation and experimentation with scores, tasks, texts, physicality, voice and relations. Looking to refine and explore their own scope of making, Connor is also joined by Jimmy Adams, Ella Pillegi, Jill Goh, Gabriella Mersi, Saskia Kraftowitz and other participants throughout the residency. ‘Practicing Practice’ is supported by Charlie Morrisey, Rob Hopper (Wainsgate Dances) & Robyn Cabaret (Sadlers Wells)


Connor is a dancer and choreographer born and raised in the northeast of England and began dancing latin, ballroom and disco dances at the age of three. From a young age, They developed    a passion in various corners of movement vocabulary including martial arts and breakdance. 

Connor joined the Newcastle CAT scheme in 2011 and began their studies in Ballet & Contemporary techniques which developed their interest in choreography and further supported their dancing to attain a place in the National Youth Dance Company(UK). In 2015 Connor was awarded the BBC Young dance of the year award and began their training at Rambert school of ballet and contemporary dance.


Since graduating from Rambert, Connor has worked with choreographers and companies including Theo Clinkard(UK), Michael Keegan Dolan(IE), Olga Roriz(PT), Thick&Tight(UK) and Marcelo Evelin(BR) as well as receiving awards for their own choreographic work in competitions across Europe.

Since relocating to Portugal in 2020, they have been focusing on refining and exploring their own movement and choreographic practice, whilst continuing to tour and performing internationally.


Poster Design: Cassie Adams (@cassieadamss)
Photo: Connor Gribben (@connorblc)