Waingate Dances have been working with Old Town Primary School since 2018.


Dance is a great thing for young people because it’s all about cooperation, problem solving, and developing confidence in your own body, and about coordination and observation and listening, and so many things that are useful and important in a child’s development.


It’s also healthy, great fun and engages with the energy and imagination of children in multiple ways.


We have spent time with the children creating something together which their parents come to see when they pick them up, and so it’s also a great way to bring new people into the building.


And the children begin to develop a relationship with Wainsgate, and to see it as somewhere that they belong.


The work we do with children at Wainsgate is an essential part of the long term sustainability of the whole project. Children will grow up, and they will see how Wainsgate is a important part of their community.


The children have benefited from visiting artists like Katy Hewison who has worked with children from the school in her wonderful Improplay project.


We hope to continue to develop our work with the school over the coming years.