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The Athletics of Intimacy
Three-Day Workshop with K.J.Holmes

Start date: June 21, 2019

End date: June 23, 2019

Tickets: Email: robdothopper@aol.co.uk


(21st June 2pm-9pm; 22nd June 11am-6pm; 23rd June 11am-6pm)

Cost £90
To book, email Rob at robdothopper@aol.co.uk
A £45 deposit is required to book your place

This workshop combines skills and applications of somatic researches that include release techniques and body mind practices such as Body-Mind Centering® systems and patterns of development and evolution, embodiments of Contact Improvisation, and tunings of somatic approaches within solo, duet (strong emphasis on partnering) and ensemble dancing. The interest and focus is in the very physical, sensorial and imaginative, and in discovering new challenges and risks within our movement – of both body and mind – towards improvisational and compositional processes.

K.J. Holmes, a Brooklyn based danceartist/actor/singer/writer, travels nationally and internationally teaching/performing/creating. K.J. has been exploring improvisation as process and performance since 1981. She has collaborated extensively with Julie Carr, Simone Fort, Karen Nelson, Lisa Nelson and Image Lab, Steve Paxton; has performed in the work of Miguel Gutierrez and the Powerful People, Xavier Le Roy, Lance Gries, Mark Dendy, Melinda Ring, Karinne Keithley Syers, among many others; was cast in Matthew Barney’s new film Redoubt; collaborates with drummer Jeremy Carlstedt in L.I.P. (Love Is Power, MLKjr.); teaches at NYU/ETW, The Juilliard School, Sarah Lawrence College and Movement Research; is a graduate of the School for Body Mind Centering(r), William Esper Studio (Meisner acting with master teacher Terry Knickerbocker),Satya Yoga (with Sondra Loring) and continues to study voice with the coaching of Richard Armstrong. K.J. is currently devising a new piece titled 900 Bees Are Humming, a multi disciplinary work exploring life, death and transformation. Her work has been presented by many venues including The Chocolate Factory, PS122, Danspace Project, Mana Contemporary Chicago, The Belfry, Chashama, Dixon Place.


Wainsgate Dances Performance Weekend

Start date: June 29, 2019

End date: June 30, 2019


Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

A weekend of performances: Words and Actions from Jonathan Burrows, Katye Coe, Francesca and Matteo Fargion, Wendy Houstoun, Charlie Morrissey

Tickets: https://www.wegottickets.com/f/11995

Saturday 29th June, 7.30pm

Double Bill

What’s Not There
Charlie Morrissey


This performance plays with what we see, what we don’t see; truth, lies; belief and disbelief. It tells a story of overlapping performances in numerous spaces both real and imagined creating a world all of it’s own along the way.

“Standout wit and intelligence. Absurd and wonderful” The British Theatre Guide


Music For Lectures/She Dancing
Katye Coe with music by Jonathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion and Matteo Fargion

Music For Lectures invites a series of existing talks on performance to be reimagined in the context of a rock band, which supports, counterpoints and at times overwhelms the speaker.

She Dancing is a talk by Katye Coe spoken after 30 minutes of dancing. It exposes the dancer’s experience as one where rich information is often held in silence.

'There's a beguiling mix of the scholarly, the quizzical and the righteously indignant that is unique to Fargion and Burrows...the concentration of their work demonstrates how much expressive power even a small gesture, a tiny variation of tone or rhythm, can possess.' The Guardian London

Sunday 30th June, 2pm

Hell Hath No Fury
Wendy Houstoun

In the beginning was the word, but soon after that things got complicated.
Wendy Houstoun is in the pulpit.
Songs may be sung, Dances may be done and Transformations may take place. The church of the internet is among us.
Come and help spread the word.

‘A maverick to the tip of her toes, [Houstoun] seems to reinvent herself for each new work…it’s daringly brilliant.’ The Independent

Sunday 30th June, 7.30pm


Jonathan Burrows

Rewriting is the first full-length solo made and performed by Jonathan Burrows.

He rewrites the choreography from a lost performance of his which has never been seen, while re-examining ideas from A Choreographers’ Handbook which he wrote ten years ago. The piece builds a slow map of what choreography may or may not be, in turns doubting and celebratory.

"If Einstein ever pondered on dance, the dance in question would have looked something like the work of Jonathan Burrows." The Guardian


The Solo Piece
Matteo Fargion

Matteo Fargion’s new translation of Morton Feldman’s score For John Cage, which Jonathan Burrows and he borrowed to make their award winning duo performance Both Sitting Duet in 2002. This time it’s just Matteo man on stage, waiving his arms. And this more lonely counterpoint is now between his voice and the meaningless gestures that he makes.

'There are few performers who can hold an audience captive like this double act… the timing of every note, shrug, laugh and gesture is awesome. Five stars.'
The Guardian, London

Kinship Workshop
Thomas Goodwin

Start date: July 12, 2019

End date: July 14, 2019



15 PLACES AVAILABLE (8 participants minimum)
-of which 10% of the net workshop fee will support a rotating charitable cause
To Book - Follow this link:
Approximate schedule: 10am-5pm each day with optional evening meet-ups
Accommodation: local guest houses, bed & breakfasts, hostels, camping

Please bring a packed lunch each day as there are very limited options close to the Chapel and we may also eat up on the hills.

Kinship Workshops take participants into rural landscapes to spend time in nature. The focus of the work is how somatic and embodied experiencing can facilitate change in the way we relate to nature, landscapes and other animals.

Kinship Workshops focus on the resourcing of, and investment in our relationship to other forms of life including landscape, plants and animals. This can inspire active responses to concerns around environment, wildlife decline, consumption and climate change. This is done through body and movement practices that take place both indoors and outdoors.

Most workshops are residential – taking place in rural or wild landscapes. Each day starts with a physical warm-up, a movement session and exercises to tune the senses before heading out into landscapes that have less human intervention and structure to share space with wild and/or free-roaming animals, and plant-life.

Cooking and domestic tasks are shared communally. Evening activities may include discussion and sharings.

Mark making and Moving
Wendy Houstoun

Start date: August 16, 2019

End date: August 18, 2019

Tickets: Email: robdothopper@aol.co.uk


£75 All 3-days or £60 for Saturday and Sunday only (The 16th is an optional opportunity to meet for a few hours prior to the main workshop on Saturday and Sunday)

A three-day Lab focussed on the creation of ideas and work.

I see these days as more a laboratory rather than a workshop with the emphasis on the meeting, discussions and collisions of people.

I have spent a lot of my life passing on tried and tested ideas and I want to use the freedom of this amazing space and place to open up a new way of working.

I will lead a movement session each morning and then open up the day by setting tasks and forming ideas and setting time frames for making and responding.

I would love this Lab to include musicians, dancers, writers, painters, architects, digital artists, stone masons, counsellors, film makers, walkers, geographers, map makers - anyone who is interested in forming and joining one idea to another.

The weekend will begin with an optional pre – meet on Friday 16thfrom 3 to 7pm for those that can make it.

Then the Lab will officially start on the Saturday morning and run through to Sunday. The timings for the Saturday and the Sunday are from 11am to 6pm.

Given the nature of the work, a commitment to attending both Saturday and Sunday for this Lab is required. 

Wendy Houstoun

Wendy Houstoun is a movement/theatre artist who remains committed to finding new forms to address her themes. Over the years, her work has developed a uniquely distinctive style that combines movement with text, and meaning with humour. Since 1980, Wendy has worked extensively as a solo performer, and in collaboration with companies and artists whose work challenges, enriches, and extends the boundaries of, dance and theatre. Her work with DV8 Physical Theatre, Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment, film-maker David Hinton, Jonathan Burrows, Nigel Charnock, performance artist Rose English, Gloria Theatre, Lumiere and Son Theatre Company and Ludus Dance Company has explored large and small stages, specific sites, film and installation.

Wendy’s solo pieces, Haunted, Daunted and Flaunted, Happy Hour (commissioned by Chisenhale Dance Space), and The 48 Almost Love Lyrics have all toured Europe. She has made two films, Touched and Diary of a Dancer for BBC with David Hinton. Site-specific commissions include Mind the Gap for the South Bank Centre, Reverse Effect for Cultural Industry, and Take Me to the River for the South Bank and Greenwich & Docklands Festival. Wendy is an artist who experiments with ideas in her work, but keeps her audience very much in mind. While her work challenges preconceptions about movement, she communicates clearly and humorously about our culture.



Edge for Action // Tuning Scores with Karen Nelson

Start date: April 5, 2019

End date: April 7, 2019

Tickets: £90 Email: robdothopper@aol.co.uk


5th-7th April 2019 11am-6pm £90 (£45 deposit to secure place)- to book, email Rob - robdothopper@aol.co.uk

Tuning Scores (originated by Lisa Nelson) is a dance practice that unveils sense desires as motivators; movement as collateral choreography; time as music and rhythm; space as palette and environment.

Tuning promotes collaboration between individuals willing to engage, play, and occupy shared space. A collaborative communication process, Tuning proposes ensemble creation where each participant embodies their unique responsibility for action/non-action. Friction between consorting images provides feedback for the groups’ collective learning, discovering, inventing. Relying on our life-long underlying movement skills— like CI experience or expressions such as singing, spoken word, object puppeteering, space design— we will use our resources to serve and tune the images revealed as we improvise.

Class will include rigorous sensory warm-ups, physicalizing thru CI, and playing with a cluster of scores to grow edges.

Karen Nelson continues to be a cornerstone of dance improvisation in the US’ Pacific Northwest and abroad. A long-time mutator of the form Contact Improvisation (CI), she co-founded mixed-ability experiments Dance Ability and Diverse Dance Research Retreat while later joining Lisa Nelson/ Image Lab’s developing of Tuning Scores for performance. She explores dance history and currency that centers intersections of practitioner experience and interrogates whiteness within her own embodiment and larger community, often collaborating with artists around the world. Her teaching approach brings classic origins of CI and Tuning through exercises, images, practice and discussion along with a view towards engendering individual possession and evolution of the forms through one’s own experience.



Katie Duck Workshop

Start date: March 16, 2019

End date: March 17, 2019

Tickets: Email: robdothopper@aol.co.uk


Cost: £60 (£30 deposit to secure your place) - to book, email Rob - robdothopper@aol.co.uk

Described recently as The Godmother of Improvisation, Katie Duck has influenced and inspired generations of dancers through her performing and teaching. This will be a great opportunity to work with her over two days on a rare visit to the UK... Book your places now!!

A creation process towards real time performance
For Dancers / /Actors/ Performance artists

“Tell the brain to tell the mind to shut up — body obey me”

I guide performers through physical exercises that highlight how the eyes and ears affect movement choices both for the performer and for the live public, alongside lecture materials from my research The developmental Brain - “Why we learn to walk”.

“There is a difference between seeing, looking and watching and a difference between hearing and listening. An artist can choose if they wish for a public to watch or to see — to hear or to listen.
I choose for the public to see and listen, and do my best to gather a crowd in that quest. It doesn’t always work and it is never 100% of the public. But because I choose it, who I am as an artist is clarified.

Are you interested in a public watching or looking at your body? Or do you want the public to be reminded that they have a body?”

I have invented games to encourage a “tight to loose” process integrating emotions, feelings and intuition. This work extends towards improvisation sessions with set time frames, fictional front with the option to choose pause, flow or exit. Each of these choices have an in depth study for how to place real time composition in a performance platform.

The aim and objective of my workshops is to ask artists to question and articulate within their practice “what is your relationship to public”?

I place “body” as the glue for integrating writing, music and object.

"Katie Duck is the Zorba the Greek of improvisation: earthy, feeling every mode of sensuality, preposterous, irresistible, polymorphously perverse. Watching her dance is like watching her body think. She is responsive to every situation and obviously enjoys getting into trouble." Dance Magazine

Katie Duck Bio

I am a director/performer/teacher who has been working professionally since 1976. I take a microscopic study for the role improvisation plays in real time composition integrating music, movement, object and writing. Improvisation, in my performances, is not the antithesis of choreography or composition; it is how I make my art work out of practice both in the studio setting and the newness of real time improvised performance. My performances are about the experience of being there, you are participating in the event and thus, in a sense, the work”. My practice is a reflection of what I believe art in the theatre can only be; live.


"Duck’s sturdy purposefulness makes even her most arbitrary actions seem part of a life-and-death odyssey" Judith Mackrell

Theo Clinkard & Leah Marojevic
Two-day Workshop

Start date: November 24, 2018

End date: November 25, 2018

Time: 11am-5pm

Tickets: £60 robdothopper@aol.co.uk


 Cost: £60 - to book, email Rob - robdothopper@aol.co.uk

Following many years working as close collaborators, Theo Clinkard and Leah Marojevic are currently conceiving a series of duet scores to perform together in galleries, museums and other non-theatre spaces.

Whilst they are in Hebden Bridge developing the new work at Wainsgate Chapel, they will to use the weekend to open up their practice and share their working methods and thinking with other movers.

Together they will be creating a warm and focused space for participants to engage in imaginative and sensory enquiry and collect together as a group.

Each day will begin with a class that aims to bring attention to the perceptive experience of the space, each other and themselves before inviting participants to discuss and embody some of the ideas that are a central to their work together, including scores they are developing for the new duets.

Leah Marojevic
Leah originally from the UK, spent three months with Sydney Dance Company’s Pre-Professional Year after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts with a Bachelor of Dance in Melbourne, Australia 2013.
Leah was the recipient of the Australian Council for the Arts, ArtStart Grant in 2015 and received the Orloff Family Trust award for ‘Most Outstanding Dancer’ in 2013.
Leah is a contemporary dance artist who performs, makes performance, writes, teaches, directs and artistically supports other dance makers.
Leah collaborates regularly with Theo Clinkard and Colette Sadler, and has worked with choreographers, visual artists and companies; Sarah Browne, Mirjam Gurtner, Candoco Dance Company, Clod Ensemble, Seke Chimutengwende, and Becky Hilton among others.

Theo Clinkard
Choreographer, dancer and designer, Theo Clinkard spent 20 years as a performer before launching his own company in 2012.
He has swiftly built an international reputation for creating compelling and visually arresting works that explore the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance.
His works span small to large scale theatres as well as non theatre settings with company pieces include Hell Bent, Ordinary Courage, Of Land & Tongue, Chalk and This Bright Field. Clinkard’s commissioned works include Somewhat still, when seen from above for Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch and The Listening Room for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba.
Clinkard is an Associate Artist at Brighton Dome, Dance4 and an Honorary Fellow of Plymouth University. He is currently conceiving 3 new company works and planning his commission for Candoco Dance Company.

Ongoing Dialogues
Movement Workshop with Charlie Morrissey and Scott Smith

Start date: October 27, 2018

End date: October 28, 2018

Time: 11am-6pm

Tickets: £60 robdothopper@aol.co.uk


 Cost: £60 - to book, email Rob - robdothopper@aol.co.uk

This workshop explores solos and duets and is informed by Charlie and Scott’s own movement investigations.

Their approach is influenced by their shared experience of working with contact improvisation, Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine, and Lisa Nelson’s Tuning Scores.

The workshop will employ skeletal imaging and movement, with particular attention given to the pelvis as root, and the spine as a limb, for integrating spherically and dimensionally into space.

Anatomical explorations with their root in Material for the Spine will be re-imagined and explored in relation to working with another body/bodies and space.

The work will range from detailed anatomical explorations through to full-bodied movement in space, in solo, duet and group explorations.

Charlie Morrissey is a director/choreographer, performer, teacher, and researcher, who has been working in the field of performance for 30 years.
He creates large and small-scale site-specific and theatre and gallery based performance work in diverse contexts and locations; he organises and collaborates in a variety of performance research projects; and performs and collaborates in the work of other performance makers.
His work is influenced by ongoing working relationships with Steve Paxton, Siobhan Davies, Lisa Nelson, Kirstie Simson, Scott Smith, Katye Coe, K.J.Holmes, Katie Duck and others.
Teaching is central to his practice and his classes are laboratories for exploration and discovery. He teaches for dance and theatre companies, institutions, festivals and independent organisations internationally.
Recent and upcoming projects include performances of Materials rearranged to be with Siobhan Davies Dance; What Happens When - a commission from Joint Adventures with Andrea Buckley, Orlando Gough and members of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra in Munich; a new group work currently in creation: If this is it, then what are we going to do with it with Ben Ash, Neil Callaghan, Katye Coe, Tom Goodwin and Susanna Recchia; performances of a solo directed by Colin Poole, and performing in Quarantine’s Wallflower this Autumn.

Scott Smith started his dance studies in 1977. Originally from the American mid-west he has lived and worked in New York and Seattle., and is currently living in the United Kingdom.
He teaches dance, makes performance, composes music for live performance and film/video.
Scott studied and performed for several years, with Steve Paxton via contact improvisation and material for the spine, and was a founding member of ‘Image Lab’ with Lisa Nelson, KJ Holmes and Karen Nelson, developing ‘tuning scores’, researching the realm of the senses and perception as foundational to form and composition.
His initial training's and professional performance experience included modern and classical dance forms, and he has worked for dance companies in Kansas City, New York, Berlin, and London.
Since the early 90’s, Scott has been focusing his practice in new dance and improvisational work, and maintains ongoing collaborations and performance/video making with Lisa Nelson, Charlie Morrissey, Becky Edmunds and others.
He plays American folk and roots music in the band Porchlight Smoker.

Dance: An Expanding Field
with Sara Carter

Date: October 20, 2018

Time: 11am-6pm

Tickets: £30 - £15 deposit to secure place


Cost: £30- £15 deposit to secure your place
Contact Sara Carter :07446375171 or spiraldancer8@gmail.com

Journeys into the landscape of body and imagination!

This workshop will explore different resources within the body and space for generating movement and material while at times using voice, touch and spoken word.

This is for anyone interested in improvising and engaging in various creative processes that explore communication and conversations beyond the verbal but at times inclusive of it.

We will explore and develop our sense-ability skills, receiving information, noticing and responding- giving attention to detail in order to open and expand the ways we perceive things- delving into the ideas of 'seeing' beyond sight, 'listening' beyond the auditory and being open to what is 'moving us'.

Sara is inspired by creating the conditions and space that helps to liberate us in the dance experience and in our body-embracing what is present as being enough.

About Sara…
Sara's professional dance journey started out when she graduated with a BA (Hons) Dance 15 years ago.She has performed at -Yorkshire Dance Center, Bretton Hall Sculpture park, The Roundhouse-London, Contact Theater & The Green Room-Manchester, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, Forgotten Land- India. Other projects have included Festivals, Churches, Cathedrals, Moor lands, Cliffs and Mills. She teaches in different contexts such as schools, the community, health and well being settings . Her dance life as it was got interrupted for several years when her health took a turn for the worse and she found herself dealing with paralysis, being disabled and in a lot of pain. This lead her on a path of recovery, redirecting her life, resulting in her engaging and training in integrated therapies and other worldly dance and healing traditions and practices. She then completed her Masters of the Arts: Dance and Somatic Well- Being -connections to the living body. All of this contributed to reinventing herself as a dancer and culminates in the multi- disciplined, multi-faceted practices and approaches which she teachers in now.


Ensemble Improvisation Workshop
with Seke Chimutengwende

Start date: September 22, 2018

End date: September 23, 2018

Time: 11am - 6pm daily

Tickets: £60 robdothopper@aol.co.uk (£30 deposit to secure place)


This workshop is for anybody interested in improvising with others using movement and text.

We will work alone, in pairs and as a group, practicing moving and using our voices together.

We will explore different ways of generating material and relating that material to others, developing skills of listening, noticing and responding in performance.

Seke brings all his experience and humour as performer into this workshop. His teaching facilitates ease and confidence in performing and a joyful approach to improvising together.
More about Seke...
Seke Chimutengwende works in dance as a performer, choreographer and teacher. He has performed with companies such as DV8 Physical Theatre, Lost Dog and Fabulous Beast and in gallery based works by Trisha Brown and Tino Sehgal as well as with numerous independent choreographers.

For his own company Seke Chimutengwende & Friends he has choreographed four works including The Time Travel Piece for The Place Prize 2012 and King Arthur, which premiered at The Yard Theatre in London, 2015. Seke’s current choreographic project, Black Holes, a duet made in collaboration with Alexandrina Hemsley exploring Afrofuturism, will premiere in spring 2018.

Since 2006, Seke has performed over 60 improvised solos internationally and has performed ensemble improvisation with Neat Timothy since 2009. Seke is currently a guest lecturer in improvisation at London Contemporary Dance School, The Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance, Central School of Speech and Drama and Goldsmiths University.

Exploring Flying Low and Passing Through techniques
2-Day Workshop with Ben McEwen

Start date: August 25, 2018

End date: August 26, 2018

Time: 11am - 6pm daily

Tickets: £60 robdothopper@aol.co.uk


In the mornings we'll look at some principles of floorwork, through the material of Flying Low. FL is a technique initiated by David Zambrano that uses simple movement patterns and principles (such as spiralling and alternating between expansion and cohesion) to dance our whole selves in, out and along the floor with safety, speed, efficiency... and pleasure! We'll take a detailed look at the movements, breaking them down to allow everyone to find a way though the material that works for them, before putting it all back together for some full-bodied dancing!

Continuing the thread from the morning, afternoons will be group improvisation, influenced by David Zambrano's Passing Through structure. We'll rigorously and playfully look at how to place our pathways, phrases and movements in relation to others' in space. Starting from walking and running patterns, with tools for opening our attention and sharpening our decision making. We'll then bring this work into our dancing, with the overarching attitude that generating movement is not the end point of improvisation, but rather dancing that is relevant to the situation and communicative to all participants and audience.

For the floorwork I highly recommend long trousers (within reason!) and covered shoulders.
Any question please do ask! robdothopper@aol.co.uk

Ben graduated from TrinityLaban before going on to complete the training cycle at P.A.R.T.S., where he had his first opportunity to study with David Zambrano, the initiator of Flying Low. Now he regularly works as a performer and researcher for, among others; Charlotte Spencer Projects, Vera Tussing and Francesco Scavetta/Wee, alongside teaching at conservatoires, universities and professional classes throughout Europe. He also practices Aikido at Tetsushinkan/MovingEast and enjoys wandering amongst mountains and barefoot running.

Cost: £60
To book, email Rob at robdothopper@aol.co.uk


Wainsgate Dances – EXHALACIÓN/AIRE
Part of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Date: July 1, 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £9


July 1st, 7.30pm, £9

On sale from 4th May from Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and from Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Philip Jeck and Kirstie Simson in performance.

An evening of Improvisational Sound and Dance with two celebrated performers.

Philip Jeck is a multi-media composer whose work is “is hugely, billowingly poignant…” (The Wire) “Jeck really does play his turntables as if they were musical instruments in their own right” (The Guardian) "Kirstie Simson is celebrated for exquisite, sensuous dancing that seems to come from some simple force of nature" (New York Times).

Three performances by inspiring dancers who test and play with what dance can do – part of an exciting programme of dance being developed at Wainsgate Chapel:
Slanting, semi-cascade reflects on the female body and being seen.
Water Walk (by John Cage) involves a large number of objects including a bath, a rubber duck and a pressure cooker; and Alternatives to Survival is a performance that’s like opening a sketchbook.

Wainsgate Dances
Part of Hebden Bridge Arts Festival

Date: June 21, 2018

Time: 7.30pm

Tickets: £9


21st June, 7.30pm, £9

An evening of performances with Hannah Buckley, Christopher Owen and Anushiye Yarnell

On sale from 4th May from Hebden Bridge Arts Festival and from Hebden Bridge Town Hall.

Three performances by inspiring dancers who test and play with what dance can do – part of an exciting programme of dance being developed at Wainsgate Chapel:
Slanting, semi-cascade reflects on the female body and being seen.
Water Walk (by John Cage) involves a large number of objects including a bath, a rubber duck and a pressure cooker; and Alternatives to Survival is a performance that’s like opening a sketchbook.

Feldenkrais in to Dancing
A workshop with Caroline Scott

Date: May 19, 2018

Time: 13.00-14:30

Tickets: £25 before 12/5/18, then £35


Earlybird £25 before 12th May £35 thereafter.
To book or find out more contact Caroline on: 07963239816 or email: feldenkraisyorkshire@gmail.com

We will begin the workshop with a Feldenkrais® lesson giving you time & space to dive into your felt sensation, noticing your tendencies as well as exploring some new possibilities.

These explorations will tap into your innate ability to learn from the inside out, just as you did when you were an infant. This will then lead into structured improvisations using playful curiosity & attention to feed into your dancing.

How can you refine your ability to sense yourself on the 'inside' whilst being fully present in the performance space?

There will be opportunities to dance alone and with others, and moments of hands-on interaction. Just bring your curious dancing self.

Suitable for all levels and abilities.

Please email/phone if you have any questions. You will need to wear comfy clothes to move in, no jeans or belts and please bring a mat or blanket to lie on for extra comfort. You do not need to be a dancer to attend.