The Wainsgate Graveyard Project

This page is a work in progress, and will be constantly updated as we gather documents and images together. Please do keep checking back to find out more

The Wainsgate Graveyard Project has two main aims. Firstly to comprehensively record the graveyard: plot the positions of graves, transcribe inscriptions, describe and photograph headstones and other memorials and list the names of everyone interred or commemorated there.
The other aim is to tell some of the stories behind the names and dates: who were they, what did they do for a living, where did they live, how did they die? Some people were born or died a long way from Wainsgate – what are their stories? Some people achieved fame (or notoriety) locally, nationally or even internationally. Some were landowners or mill owners of considerable wealth. Some died in the Workhouse or Asylum. 
The contents of this page will be constantly evolving, and we welcome suggestions, additions, corrections, photographs, documents or anything that adds to our knowledge and understanding of Wainsgate graveyard.

(Information will be added to this section soon)