Kwa Zulu song meets Leeds Jazz

Sunday 16 October 3pm £11/£9/£4 (u18) BUY TICKETS


“Ubunye is a joyous celebration and proof, should it be needed, of the creative energy and unity possible when cultures meet through the medium of music.” Manchester Jazz Festival
The pounding rhythms of Africa blended with the explosive energy of a 7-piece band. This vibrant group of Zulu performers combined with seasoned musicians from the UK mix ancient tradition with contemporary flare. Ubunye deliver a soulful, goose bump inducing performance of original pieces cleverly fused with South African songs. It is a fantastic multi-cultural experience.
UBUNYE (‘one-ness’) unites singers from Kwa Zulu Natal in South Africa with musicians from Leeds, in an inspirational blend of styles and cultures. High energy beats and traditional African vocal sounds combine with jazz and gospel and morph into more contemporary styles. At times it’s energetic and big at other times it’s delicate and quiet.