Wainsgate Dances has been hosting world class performances since 2018, from rigorous artists, whose work questions what dance is and what it can do.


The response from audiences has been hugely enthusistic and positive.


Wainsgate provides a wonderful, welcoming and informal setting in which to experience the work of some great artists whose work is rarely seen outside of urban centres.


This Autumn at Wainsgate, we are looking forward to performances from artists including:


Wendy Houstoun with Jonathan Burrows, Francesca Fargion and Matteo Fargion; Kirstie Simson; and Katie Duck

Get Lost

Wendy Houstoun, Jonathan Burrows, Matteo Fargion, Francesca Fargion

9 October - Ticket information and booking coming soon!

To close their Three Day Solo Workshop,  Matteo and Jonathan have invited Wendy Houstoun to perform Get Lost, a meditation on lostness written and spoken by Wendy, and backed by a rock band.


Get Lost forms part of Burrows and Fargion’s ongoing Music For Lectures series, which continues their recent practice of creating in proximity and collaboration with the work of other artists. The music is written and performed by Francesca and Matteo Fargion and Jonathan Burrows. 


Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion have been working together since 1989, and their ongoing body of work continues to tour widely. The work is hard to place, combining intellectual rigour with unexpected humour, but it has its roots in a shared love of classical music, which they clash against an approach to performance that is at once open to audience but also anarchic and joyful. 


Wendy Houstoun is a leading performer and choreographer, known for her extraordinary and accumulating body of solo work, as well as her collaborations with DV8 Physical Theatre and Forced Entertainment Theatre Company. 

Francesca Fargion is a pianist, singer and composer, who regularly performs with Burrows and Fargion.