Wainsgate Dances hosts an international artist-led programme of workshops, residencies, performances and other dance related events. 


The programme brings people from the local area together with others from across the UK and beyond and has created a very special context for engaging with world class dance activities in an informal setting away from urban centres.


The programme includes a daily morning dance practice session – Open Practice which runs Monday Friday 9-10am throughout the year. During lockdown it went online and over 4000 individual hours were danced. It’s a simple idea – 1 hour of dancing to an eclectic playlist of tunes changed daily.


Wainsgate Dances is curated and organised by Charlie Morrissey and Rob Hopper.


To get in touch, email:

The Wainsgate Dances project began in 2017, and since then has built a unique programme of high-quality, socially engaged dance.


Wainsgate Dances has developed an international reputation as a project in which rigour and informality go hand in hand; where the work of artists is both nurtured and challenged; and where audiences are warmly invited to witness and engage with the work of artists at different stages in their development.


Wainsgate Dances is for people of all ages who are curious about encountering, or testing and researching what dance/choreographic/performance practice does or can do; what it has to offer right now; or what intrigues and invites you/us to get involved in dance/dancing and in making/watching movement & choreographic based performance work.


It’s for those who have been dancing all their lives & for those who’ve had little or no experience of it. It’s about learning by moving, observing, thinking & talking.


It’s for people who live locally to come and meet, watch & move together with dancers/movers from across the UK, Europe and further afield.


Take a look at the programme and get in touch if you’d like to know more.